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About Us

In Labs Health Company we are dedicated to build specialized platforms adapting its operation and usability all stakeholders in the process of diagnosis, treatment and care.


Labs Health we strive to offer you an easy product tailored to your needs and ready to take full advantage of your smartphone.

Can follow your disease by approved protocols by the international community, plan your events, schedule events of the people living with you or communicate in real time with your doctor, are just some of the many benefits we offer you.


Our developments focus largely on improving the daily work of all the specialists who actively participate in each health area.

Collaborate and seek expert advice in the chain of construction of each platform, listen to the needs of specialist staff and keep abreast of the latest developments in the world of medicine are our main priorities in the development of each platform.


In Labs Health we are delighted to work with others institutions, hospitals, insurances companies, to get better and faster benefits in day to day the patients.

For this reason we have developed H-meet, service access to shared data that facilitates a collaborative safe space to hospitals, clinics, healthcare companies and other medical institutions, where they can seek solutions to different health technologies.
H-meet meets safety standards HIPAA for handling Protected Information of Health (PHI).

Our process

Knowledge, experience and technological commitment.

  • The idea

    Everything starts with a need in the medical world, an institutional request or also the specific request for collaboration with a hospital or doctor.
    At that time, our software team (R&D) begins to draw the outlines of the project and analyze your needs.

  • Medical Consulting

    We met with some of the best international specialists to discuss, step by step, the technical and social characteristics of each project to suit your needs.

  • Software Laboratory

    Our design and development team is responsible for converting the demands of institutions, doctors and patients in these real products that can be used in smartphones, tablets, etc. always developed on native software.

  • The result

    We follow different cycles Software Testing to ensure the quality of our products and achieve a optimal Look and Feel completely different from the ordinary in health applications.
    Our platforms do not differ between the business world and the general public and ensuring its approval in all possible scenarios.

  • We analyze the information

    The work does not end when we publish a product in different marketplaces.
    During the months next are analyzed all the data recorded on our platforms, so we can continue to improve the user experience and can anticipate their needs.

  • Open to sharing information

    The centralization of data and processes in our secure cloud H-meet allows easy access to content for study by external entities.
    In Labs Health also we have, a team of experts Big Data who can create analyzes and studies tailored to their requirements.

Ready for the next!

Health Platforms

Software designed to improve your life.


TravelSec will allow you to find the best insurance for your trip at the best price with all the coverages you can imagine.


ADHD Kids is our mobile platform for the coordination of parents, caregivers or teachers in monitoring children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

ADHD Adults

ADHD Adults, this mobile platform is designed for tracking adults patients with disorder attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

ADHD Doctors

ADHD Doctors, this platform is designed for exclusive use by mental health teams enabling them to perform remote tracking of patients with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

MyMigraines Patients

With MyMigraines, from this mobile platform can record and evaluate episodes of headaches and chronic migraines to create a personal health record and adequately monitor their disease.

MyMigraines Doctors

MyMigraines DoctorsThis platform has been developed to offer at the clinical teams a tool for remote tracking of patients with migraines. It lets consult the evolution of your health, receive alerts and communicate with their patients in real time.


Ourhurt is our mobile platform designed to record episodes of pain. It will let you create a personal record of the most relevant data regarding their pain.


Together for a better future.


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